Art is the invisible thread that connects us with our souls. It makes us feel good in many ways: younger, purer, more alive, more joyful, more awake and aware; even more sensual.  Art is a wondrous appetizer for the spirit, making every cell dance with delight, even healing you and making you live longer.

Humans love to feel, that’s why they go to museums, movies, concerts, art has that power.

When we feel good the rest of the world takes notice, affecting people’s lives in a positive way.

Art, through its different forms, can give us back something we forgot or hardly use in our daily lives full of expected obligations, spins and turns.

Art can denounce, inspire and make you perspire. Let it elevate you and take you on a surprising journey.

Mannolo Sanz

Mannolo Sanz


    Giclée on Canvas 

      12”x18”   $295

“Art is the invisible thread that connects us with our souls.”


Hartvest Designs